By making a reservation at OX, you agree to confirm your reservation 48 hours or more prior to arriving at the time of your reservation at OX. The Reservations team at The OX reserves the right to cancel your reservation without further notice, if the reservation remains unconfirmed on the day of your reservation.

OX is an independent restaurant and as such, our continued viability relies heavily on reservations being honoured by our guests or sufficient notice being given of any changes to plans or reservations.

For all bookings, guests are required to provide credit card details to secure the reservation. OX reserves the right to charge for any guest cancelling within 48 hours or any No Show guest (lunch £10 per person and dinner £30 per person). Any charges will be taken from the credit card provided at the time of booking without further notice. Small amendments may be made after the booking is confirmed, but additional space cannot be guaranteed.

Please note: Children accompanied by an adult can stay on the premises until 9.30 pm.