“For the quality of the dishes and the beautifully judged atmosphere, this is extraordinary value”. – Joris Minne, 10 Apr 2013, Belfast Telegraph.

“And does it work? Oh boy does it. I smile while chewing almost every bit of food here because things taste of themselves so much that they feel like a discovery of something lost”. – Catherine Cleary, 13 Apr 2013, Irish Times, 9/10 – A big XO to Belfast’s OX

…the emergence of a new modern Irishness – a feeling that our best produce is in world-class, capable, caring hands”. – Trish Deseine, 4 May 2013,

“There are no stupid formalities… They want you to eat well with the minimum of fuss… It’s about top-quality ingredients to which the best things have been done”. – Jay Rayner, 21 Jul 2013, The Observer

“…concluding lunch at OX was, thus far, the meal of the year”. – Ernie Whalley, 21 Jul 2013 Sunday Times

The Delicate white chocolate parfait was the Christian Lacroix of desserts”. – Corinna Hardgrave, 8 Nov 2013, Irish Tatler

It’s more than a sum of its parts; but a delicate assembly of tried-and-tested ingredients that when put together, form something singular and distinctive”. – David J Constable, 26 Nov 2013,